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Volkswagen Time-Lapse at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show

Monday, April 23rd, 2018
2019 volkswagen arteon at the 2018 chicago auto show

The 2018 Chicago Auto Show proved to be a big success. Most of the big-name automakers showed up to show off their stuff, including the always-present Volkswagen. All of the most popular models made a visit, and spectators from all over got the chance to come see them at their best. Take a look at the Volkswagen set-up time-lapse video at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show! (more…)

How to Use the Volkswagen Park Assist Feature

Monday, December 11th, 2017
2018 volkswagen tiguan parked on the street

It’s not always easy trying to park with a bigger vehicle like the Volkswagen Atlas or Volkswagen Tiguan, which is why smart features like Park Assist are available. This particular feature makes parking easy thanks to its intelligent technology and simple use. Having trouble navigating this feature? No problem. Take a look at the tutorial below to see how to use the Volkswagen Park Assist feature. (more…)