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When should I replace the tires on my Volkswagen?

Volkswagens have a lot of perks. As a premium automaker, Volkswagen is considered by many to be a step above conventional brands while not being quite to the level of the high-priced luxury vehicles. Maintaining your Volkswagen takes a lot of work, and one of the most important components are the tires. Don’t ignore the signs that it may be time to replace them. Learn more here on our blog!

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We get it. Tires aren’t cheap, so it can be tempting to let them run their course until the tread is virtually gone in an effort to save money. While this may make sense financially, it can be dangerous. The tire tread is what allows you to stop quicker when you brake. In some cases, just a little wear on the tire tread can mean the difference between over 100 feet when braking with the same amount of pressure.

You may have heard of the penny test, where you stick a penny upside down in the tire tread to see if the top of Lincoln’s head is visible. This depth is only 2/32” deep, though, and it’s recommended that you have at least 4/32” of tread depth for optimal traction. For those of us driving in the Midwest where there is frequent rain, ice, and snow, it’s recommended to have a tread depth of 5/32”. That extra tread depth makes a huge difference in slippery conditions.

Don’t neglect your tires if you suspect the tread is too shallow. Get new tires for your Volkswagen here at Hall Cars, and learn more tips and tricks on our blog!

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  1. Bud Beck says:

    Many operatives don’t realize that tires are the single most key safety features on any speed machine. The tires provide the connection between the vehicle and the thoroughfare. So, the rubbers need to be kept well. The fact is, tires usually have a certain life-expectancy. That means you need to replace the rings after a specific interval. What will be that interval relies on the way you maintain your tires. Tire rotation is the best way to avoid uneven wears. Wheel alignment also plays a key role in prolonging the longevity of the rubbers. So, take all possible measures to reduce the frequency of tire failure. You can never take the role of a skilled car technician- for granted when it comes to doing tire maintenance errands.

  2. I like what you said about replacing your tires so that you tread is at least 4/32″ deep. My sister has been telling me about how her tread has started to look worn down recently. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for professionals who can help her with changing them in the future.

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