5 Pointers for getting the most out of your test drive_b

How can I get the most from a test drive?

5 Pointers for getting the most out of your test drive

A big part of the car buying experience is taking a car out for a spin. It’s easy to fall in love with an image –but, how does it fit into your lifestyle? Here are 5 Pointers for getting the most out of your test drive.

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Before you head out for a test drive, know what model you are interested in. What features do you like? What practical and daily needs does the car have to meet? Is fuel economy important? Do you spend a lot of time taking kids and their friends to games? Are you looking for the perfect convertible to cruise country roads?

Incentives and Manager’s Specials

Customer Test Driving a Vehicle_bWhat Volkswagen specials and Mazda incentives are available? Let us work with you- incentives and specials are available for all of our brands.

Direct Comparison

If you can, schedule two test drives back-to-back. This will give you a better sense of how the vehicles compare. If you wait a few days between test drives, it’s harder to make a direct comparison. Let us help you set up two test drives on the same day.

Style and details

When you see the car of your dreams, the real car not just a picture, you will feel something. Don’t rush that moment, take it in. Before you get into the car, take a minute and walk around it, inspect it- note the design of the headlights, the grille, all the details that make it what it is. Pay attention to the color, paint in natural sunlight can be different from a photograph in a brochure.

Ins and outs of it all

Make sure to get in and out of the car a few times, from each door. Is it comfortable? Do you need a 4- door or would a 2-door be perfect for you? Once you are seated in the driver’s seat, before you look at all the controls and performance features, look at the practical day- to-day features. Are there cup holders? Is there a compass and temperature gauge? How easy is it to buckle in a child carrier? What features does the rear view mirror have? How about dual temperature control?

At Hall we are confident we can find you your perfect match. Let us work with you to make that dream come true.