What is Mazda Radar Cruise Control?

A Closer Look at Mazda RCC

What is Mazda Radar Cruise Control?

Have you ever wondered what Mazda Radar Cruise Control, or RCC is? And why it’s beneficial? Let’s take a closer look at Mazda Radar Cruise Control and how it effects different types of driving. Mazda Radar Cruise Control is available on Grand Touring models. How do drivers feel about it? 

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Highway Driving

With RCC you are able to set maximum driving speed. RCC will allow your car to match the ebb and flow of traffic. It maintains a consistent and safe following distance on the highway by sensing where the moving car in front of you is. Because it can gauge relative distance, it is adaptive and will direct your vehicle to slow down or speed up to maintain this distance.

City Driving

One key shared feature city driving and highway driving have, is that RCC allows you to manage speed. This has the added benefit of increasing fuel economy, especially in the city. Since the introduction of adaptive radar cruise control the number of collisions over 25 mph has dropped 20% . This feature makes it easier on the driver to navigate city traffic, it also goes a long way to reducing the driver’s stress. Another feature Mazda offers is the Distance Recognition Support System (DRSS) that visually displays the following distance. This helps the driver maintain awareness of this important safety consideration.

Driver feedback

Mazda Radar Cruise Control_oIn an automotive study, 95% of respondents who had adaptive cruise control, like Radar Cruise Control from Mazda,  said that they would make sure they had it on their next car. Of those 95%, 50% said that RCC reduced stress and made driving more relaxing. Another 30% responded that RCC made them better drivers. Radar Cruise Control doesn’t take the place of safe driving, it is simply another tool to be an even better driver.

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