Volkswagen Jetta exterior profile

Why are turbocharged VW Jetta models good?

Why choose the Volkswagen turbocharged engine?

The Volkswagen Jetta has a lot going for it. It has some pretty sweet features that come standard. Like dual zone climate control and keyless access with push-button start. But did you know the Jetta also offers a choice of four turbocharged engines? And now that you do know, why choose the Volkswagen turbocharged engine?

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First, let’s look at what it means, then we’ll look at the benefits. If an engine is turbocharged, that means it has a turbocharger in it. A turbocharger is an add-on part that recycles exhaust gas to increase power. Turbocharging is all about power. Have you been thinking of buying a turbocharged Jetta? Now would be a great time to look at Jetta specials.

Passing Power

Turbocharged engines are all about giddy-up and go when you need it – like for passing or merging onto a highway. It gives your small engine the temporary power of a big engine by generating extra power at just the right moment.

2016_Jetta turbocharged engine_oFuel Efficient

You don’t always need the kind of power a turbocharged engine delivers. So, it makes sense to have a smaller engine. When you have a turbocharged engine it’s like having two engines in one. A smaller engine that delivers fuel economy and the, less often used, turbo charger that delivers power. A larger engine lets you access that power all the time, but it also uses more gas, all the time.

4 Engine options

The Volkswagen legacy is performance. The Jetta delivers on this in every model. Did you know that turbocharged engines are standard on the 1.4L, 1.8L and 2.0L (on GLI)? That’s a whole lot of driving fun for no extra money.

We could talk about turbocharged engines all day, but you really need to feel the power. Why not come in and see what it feels like to drive a Volkswagen Jetta?