A pair of bent arms hold a clipboard and pen with gloved hands above an opened car hood.

Do cars have to undergo periodic safety tests in Wisconsin?

Some states require period safety inspections on vehicles to keep their roads safe. After all, a defective vehicle can bring trouble and terror to the vicinity of even the most cautious driver. Does Wisconsin require its vehicles to undergo periodic safety tests?

Vehicle Safety Testing in Wisconsin

Wisconsin does not require drivers to put their vehicles through periodic safety inspections. However, it is still a good idea to get your vehicle checked out periodically (at least every six months) by a qualified technician. This ensures that your vehicle stays in reliable condition and will not spontaneously explode.

Note: All states (yes, that includes Wisconsin) do require a safety inspection on a vehicle whenever it is sold, transferred or registered.

Though Wisconsin does not require periodic safety inspections, they do require vehicles to pass emissions tests.

A mechanic peers in through the driver side window with a clipboard in hand as he performs a safety inspection.When should my car be safety inspected?

October and April are designated as National Car Care Months and are good checkpoints to ensure your vehicle is ready for the changing seasons. As of this writing, winter is beginning to loom on the horizon. It’s a good idea to make sure your vehicle is all set to take on the formidable Wisconsin snow and ice.

What gets looked at in a safety inspection?

Safety inspections vary in depth and intensity, but there are certain things that are pretty much always looked at. It’s good to be thorough; more than 30,000 parts make up the average vehicle, and a few thousand directly affect safety.

Items typically checked in a safety inspection include headlights, taillights, turn signals, hazard lights, marker lights… okay, basically everything on your machine that illuminates. In addition, the inspector should check the mirrors, windshield, tires, seat belts, brakes, horn, steering and suspension. This small sample gives you a taste of just how many safety-oriented devices are on your vehicle, not to mention all the other elements that could pose danger if something goes wrong with them.

Get a Vehicle Safety Check near Milwaukee

Here at Hall Cars, we’d be happy to give your vehicle a safety check. Unexpected safety issues are obviously dangerous, so do all you can to prevent them! Schedule your safety inspection here at Hall Cars today. Thanks for reading!