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Does Mazda make electric cars?

Mazda Electric Vehicles

The automotive world is continually becoming more electrified. Mazda is one of the most acclaimed automakers out there, but you may have heard less about their electric plans than those of other manufacturers. So what’s the deal? Does Mazda sell electric cars? If not, are they going to?

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All-Electric Mazda Coming in 2020

Though Mazda does not currently have any electric cars in its lineup, the automaker recently confirmed they will release their first all-electric car in 2020. This vehicle is promised to maintain the sporty driving pleasure Mazda vehicles are known for, while bringing along all the benefits of an electric powertrain.

Mazda Demio EV electric vehicle drives around a track.What about the Demio EV?

Mazda did offer a limited production electric vehicle in Japan called the Demio EV back in 2012. Only a hundred leased units were available. It was the only EV to employ a coil-switching motor, which specially enables the machine to deliver both high torque and high RPMs. This translates to powerful takeoff and easy acceleration at high speeds that a conventional motor cannot provide.

Along with fun-to-drive performance and outstanding safety quality, the Mazda Demio EV boasted the usual electric vehicle benefits such as an extremely quiet cabin and the emission of no CO2.

Does Mazda sell hybrid vehicles?

Mazda also plans to introduce plug-in hybrid models to its lineup starting in 2021 or 2022. These creations are likely to use the automaker’s rotary range extender technology, though they eventually hope to create vehicle fully powered by a rotary engine.

Why is Mazda going electric?

Along with the many benefits of an electric powertrain, part of the motivation pushing Mazda along is the upcoming EU emissions regulations. These regulations state that each automaker’s fleet emission average must reach 95 mg/km by 2021. Currently, Mazda is still a bit above that. Other automakers are also working hard to reach the regulation limits.

Mazda fuel-economy has always been good on its conventional engines thanks to innovative SkyActiv technology. This may have delayed Mazda in feeling the need to push for hybrid or electric sooner. The soon-to-launch SkyActiv-X is another example of this, as it will emit less than 100g/km of CO2 despite its ample power.

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