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Dog Friendly Areas in the Milwaukee Area

Dog Parks in Milwaukee, WI

Do you live in the Milwaukee area and are you looking for safe places to take your dog so they can run around, socialize with other dogs and just have fun? Check out the dog parks in the Milwaukee area. Currently the Milwaukee County has 7 off-leash dog parks. Before you go, make sure that your dog is licensed by your municipality and that you have your dog exercise area permit.  

Bay View Dog Park

Less than one acre, this dog park is fenced in for dogs to run freely while remaining safe.

Estabrook Park Dog Exercise Areatwo dogs playing with a ball at the dog park

At Estabrook dog park, there is a general area for all dogs along with a separate area for small dogs. This area does require either a daily or annual pass for admission.

Granville Dog Park

This large dog park includes hills, woods and grassy areas as well as a creek and walking trails along the river. The Granville dog park is fully fenced in.

Currie Dog Park

Located in Wauwatosa, Currie recently expanded to 10 acres of fenced in space with trees and benches on a hill overlooking the golf course and parkway.

Roverwest Dog Park

Located in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood, Roverwest dog park is a large green space which is great for letting your four-legged friend run free.

Runway Dog Park

Runway dog park is located in Oak Creek and is Milwaukee’s largest dog park at 26 acres of fenced in space for dogs to run free and safely play. The park also has a separate fenced in area for small dogs. There is also a pavilion with picnic tables and wood-chipped trails.

Warnimont Dog Park

Warnimont dog park is a 5 acre park that is fully fenced in with a wooded area with trails and a small dog area.

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There are plenty of great parks to take your dogs to, let them run around and make new friends. Make sure before you go that you make sure you have everything you need to follow the dog park rules of Milwaukee County.