Lane Change Assist system

Know Your Volkswagen: Explore its Side Assist Feature

How Does the Lane Change System Work? 

Straying out of one’s lane while driving is a common problem most drivers face. Even if unintentional, it can lead to a crash with other vehicles. If a driver fails to stay within their lane, the car may collide with roadside barriers, trees, or other objects. What’s more, drivers who tend to veer off can disrupt the flow of traffic, causing congestion, delays, or erratic maneuvers from other drivers attempting to avoid an accident. 

Volkswagen has addressed this problem by rolling out the lane change system Side Assist. This system warns you about dangerous lane changes. It keeps a tab on your blind spot and alerts you about approaching vehicles. It also provides support with corrective steering intervention. Meanwhile, how does the lane change system work? We supply a video presented by the folks at Volkswagen that elaborates on this system. If you’re looking for a brand-new Volkswagen vehicle, view our inventory at Hall Cars in Brookfield, WI! 

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Lane Change Assist system