How to change your car battery

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Thursday, June 14th, 2018 at 10:56 am
man jump starting a car battery

They say nothing lasts forever, and the same goes for your car battery. As time goes on and you rack up the miles, your car battery will naturally begin to deteriorate. When this happens, it’s time for a new one. Once you’ve picked out your next car battery, the next step is replacing it. Take a look at the video below to learn how to change your car battery.

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  1. Kacie Goodman says:

    Battery is an important part of a car which supplies electric current to starter motor and ignition system while cranking to start the engine. But sometimes the car battery shows some warning signs which indicate that it needs to be changed. These warning signs are swelling and bloating battery case, leaking of the battery fluid, check engine light coming on, slow engine crank etc. When we notice any of these warning signs, we must replace the battery with a suitable substitute. For this you may refer to:

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