man jump starting a car battery

Beat the Weather with These Car-Starting Tips

How to get your car to start in the cold

We love Wisconsin for some of the perks like craft beers, brats, and cheese, but unfortunately, there are a few negative aspects of this state too. One of those is the extremely cold weather. Cold weather is tough on cars, which can make it a pain if you have somewhere to be and your car doesn’t start. Check out some tips to learn how to get your car to start in the cold!

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We’re going to discuss this topic assuming your car is less than 30 years old. If it is, then it is most likely fuel-injected, which will make it easier to start than a non-fuel-injected car. The first thing to know is that cold weather will require more battery power for your engine. It will help if you turn off any unneeded accessories and make sure nothing is plugged into the cigarette lighter or outlets. Once the engine starts, you may turn them back on.

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Cold weather will also cause more viscosity in the oil, making it thicker and more resistant to get where it needs to go. Keep the key turned but for absolutely no more than 10 seconds or you could ruin the starter. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t press the accelerator, as this could flood the engine. If none of these methods work, you’ll probably need to plug in the engine block warmer or jump-start the battery.

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