Volkswagen’s myVW App

How to Use the myVW Mobile App for Navigation, Speech, and Radio Upgrades?

Navigation and Speech in Volkswagen’s myVW App

Every year, Volkswagen adds more innovative and valuable functions to its line-up of vehicles to improve the driving experience of its customers. These technologies ensure your daily drives are more confident and convenient. To control and manage various functions inside your Volkswagen, it comes with a mobile app called the myVW® app. This app offers a collection of additional subscription resources at your fingertips. It includes the Plus Speech for speech-activated commanding, the Plus Nav for navigation, and Plus Radio for enhanced radio features. Join us in this blog by Hall Imports in Brookfield, WI, to learn more about navigation and speech in Volkswagen’s myVW App.

Check out this video demonstrating how to enable and manage these features using the central touchscreen and myVW app.

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