Is It Possible to Sell My Old Car to a Dealership?

What Are the Steps to Getting an Old Car Sold?

If you want to sell your old car but do not know much about the process, it might be stressful. Bringing your automobile to your nearest dealership, receiving an offer, selling your car, and getting paid on the spot is all it takes. We will buy any car, whether it is a sedan, a truck, a van, or an SUV. Keep reading the blog post by Hall Cars, Brookfield, WI, to learn more about steps to getting an old car sold.

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Steps to Getting an Old Car Sold? 

You are worried about the difficulties you will have located the suitable buyer for your old car and receiving cash on time. The dealerships ensure that you will receive a guaranteed payment with no hidden expenses. Furthermore, the entire procedure is quick and costless. 

To finish the selling procedure, you must follow three simple steps. 

Visit Us – Bring your old automobile to any of your nearest dealership. Receive a proposal: At the store, one of our professionals will assess your car and give you a proposal that is good for seven days and 300 miles. 

Sell your vehicle: If you accept the offer, you can sell the car without delay and get paid in cash if the dealership provides you with this opportunity. 

Isn’t it straightforward? 


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Documents you will need to sell your old car 

If you want to sell your vehicle, you must bring the bare minimum of documentation. 

  • Vehicle Title – When selling a vehicle, it is preferable if all the people listed in the title appear. If that is not possible, you can talk to any of the nearby stores about it. 
  • Proof of identification issued by the government 
  • Vehicle registration must be current and valid. 
  • Remote controls and keys 

If the procedure is too simple to be true, visit us to witness how we sell old vehicles for cash and then proceed. Contact us if you have any more questions.