vehicle driving on an open road

Need for Speed?

Is there a road without a speed limit in the world?

Have you ever driven down a road and wanted to test the top speed of your vehicle, but didn’t for fear of getting a speeding ticket? Speed limits can be a real bummer, right? Actually, speed limits are in place to keep us all safe. While it may be tempting to test the waters and try pretending to be a race car driver, that’s just a dangerous situation waiting to happen. Is there a road without a speed limit in the world? There is. Take a look below!

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There used to be two areas in the world that had no federally-mandated speed limit. The first was the Northern Territory in Australia, which had select roads without speed limits up until 2016 when the government decided to regulate them. That left one last place in the world without a speed limit: the autobahn. Located in Germany, the autobahn is a series of roads that stretch for about 8,075 miles. Of that road system, only about 33 percent of it has mandatory speed limits. The rest is either advisory speed limits or no speed limit at all. This is the ideal place for drivers all over the world to test out the speed of their vehicles where it’s perfectly legal.

It may be disappointing to learn that there are no roads here in the United States without a speed limit, but that’s probably for the best. Get in touch with the team here at Hall Cars in Brookfield for more fun facts!