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What Awards has Mazda Won?

Recent Awards Won By Mazda in 2018

Think back to high school. Kids in sports would compete in sports and proudly display trophies on their shelves at home or medals on their letter jackets. Even after high school, we all still like earning recognition for things we achieve – and if that means more trophies, then bring them on! Mazda knows a thing or two about trophies, and that can be seen by the two most recent awards won by Mazda in 2018. See what they are here!

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Mazda Wins Best Performance Brand and Best Car Styling Brand

Automakers can brag all they want about how great their vehicles are, but it doesn’t mean much unless it’s supported by an unbiased source. Most will agree Kelley Blue Book is a pretty good source, and they’ve given Mazda yet another reason to be proud. KBB recently awarded Mazda “Best Performance Brand” and “Best Styling Brand”. Mazda won “Best Car Styling Brand” last year as well. These awards are hardly a surprise to those familiar with the automaker, as Mazda has an interesting mix of power and fuel efficiency under the hood of their vehicles. The unique styling is also something drivers take note of, whether it be the one-of-a-kind body contours or the extraordinary features found in few other brands.

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