Safe Driving Tips for Fall

Leave No Safety Measure Unturned this Fall

Safe Driving Tips for Fall

We often think of winter as the time of year when we need to worry about how the weather will affect the roads. There’s plenty to be concerned about there, but don’t overlook the fall. Believe it or not, there are a few things to consider behind the wheel during the months of September-November that might be worth taking note of. Read on to see some of our safe driving tips for fall.

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Safe Driving Tips for FallSlippery Roads

Sure, you might not have the thick ice and snow everywhere like you will in winter. However, as the temperature begins to drop, the roads can get slick in the early morning as condensation builds up and freezes. Scattered leaves can also cause you to lose some traction as well, so be cautious if you see a large pile of them on the road.

Sun Glare

The sun can blind you at times, especially when it’s lower in the sky and shining directly at you. Now that the days are getting shorter, the sun will start setting earlier, which means you’re more likely to have to deal with the glare on your way home from work in the evenings. Make sure you have a pair of sunglasses with you and be ready to pull down that visor when needed.

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Active Deer

Deer are always a driving hazard, but they’re even more active come fall. Keep an extra eye out when driving and don’t be afraid to drive a little slower once you see deer crossing signs or wooded areas. Stay a little further behind the car in front of you in case they need to hit the brakes for a deer. They often follow each other, so be prepared for more to come out after the initial deer.

Being attentive while driving is how you avoid accidents in the first place. Find out what else Mazda and Volkswagen are doing to keep you safe by getting in touch with Hall Cars.