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Recommended Spring Service for Vehicles

Spring Service Specials near Milwaukee, WI

It is no surprise that the harsh winter months can wreak havoc on our vehicles, especially for us lucky ones that live in Wisconsin. While we may not be out of the clear yet it is a good time to start thinking about spring service for your vehicle. Don’t stress because at Hall Cars we can help! We have a fantastic state-of-the-art service center that can help you with any repairs or maintenance needs you may have and we are always running service specials, which you can see on our website!  

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5 Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Car

Our vehicles are often neglected during the winter months because of snow, extreme cold and whatever else our vehicle is often pushed to the side unless there is a pressing issue. Once spring rolls around it is a great time to have your vehicle checked out before we head into the summer months. Take a look at these 5 spring maintenance tips!

  1. Remove Salt: All winter there is salt all over our roadways to help melt snow and ice but it can cause damage to our vehicles if it is not removed. Take your vehicle to a highly rated car wash to eliminate the salt from the undercarriage or find a business that is capable of spraying and cleaning the undercarriage.
  2. Check Alignment and Suspension: If you notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side or the steering wheel vibrates as you drive, have your alignment and suspension checked out. Driving over potholes can damage your vehicle’s alignment and suspension.
  3. Change Oil and Check Fluids: Be sure to have your oil changed if your last oil change was before winter. While you get your oil changed have your fluids check including washer fluid, transmission fluid and more.
  4. Rotate Tires and Check Air Pressure: Temperature can change our tire’s pressure so be sure to check out your tire pressure and have them rotated as well. There is no better time than after the winter season.
  5. Inspect Brakes: Have your pads and rotors checked over to ensure that your brakes are still in good shape. If you hear grinding or squealing as you brake then it is definitely a good time to have those checked out.

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