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What are the Best Halloween 2019 Activities near Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Scared of a Boring Halloween?

Halloween is a great holiday, with a multitude of ways to celebrate it. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start looking. Don’t worry, we’ve found a bunch of neat things around the Milwaukee area to keep you from (un)dying of boredom.

Here are some of the best Halloween 2019 activities near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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  1. Milwaukee’s REAL Haunted PlacesPumpkins and candles in a field

Milwaukee has some actually haunted places to visit for those that count themselves as supernatural enthusiasts. You could visit the Pfister Hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn, or the Pabst Mansion. Perhaps you might meet the long-deceased curator said to still be prowling around the Milwaukee Public Museum. There might just be some spectral concertgoers at the Rave. If you prefer to hunt your ghosts outdoors, then the Seven Bridges Trail is a surefire way to get spooked. If going by yourself is a bit too scary, then check out Chad Lewis’s tour of Wisconsin Most Haunted Places on October 15th.

  1. Milwaukee’s Haunted Houses

If you prefer not to have to rely on the whims of ghosts for your scares, then the Milwaukee area has plenty of haunted houses to visit, like the Abandoned Haunted House Complex in Mount Pleasant, the Wisconsin Fear Grounds in Waukesha, or—again, for those who prefer those spooks outside—there’s the Spooky Stalks Haunted Cornfield right here in Milwaukee.

  1. Halloween 2019 Events in Milwaukee

When you’ve had your share of spooks, then satisfy your inner sleuth at the Mystery at Milwaukee Public Museum event on October 11th. Check out the Milwaukee Film Festival from October 18th to the 31st, where there’s sure to be something for everyone. If you’d like to see how another culture celebrates Halloween, then the Día De Los Muertos Festival at the Domes on October 25th will be a great time. If you’ve got some young ones, then the Ghoulish Fest Spooktacular Halloween Treats Cooking Class at Superior Culinary Center or the Pumpkin Carving for Families at the Urban Ecology Center are both going scheduled for October 26th.

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