Tiptronic: Giving the Road Back to You

What is the Tiptronic Feature in the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas?

If you’ve been behind the wheel of the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, you’re probably familiar with the abundance of great features it possesses. Everything from performance to interior comfort is right on par with how a luxury SUV without the luxury price tag should be. One of the interesting features to take a look at is Tiptronic. What exactly is this feature, though?

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Volkswagen Tiptronic

Some driver like that extra ounce of control they get on the road with manual transmissions but don’t want a manual all the time. That’s ok, because for people like you there is Tiptronic. This is a manumatic transmission, which means it’s a cross between a manual and automatic transmission. With Tiptronic, drivers have the option of to override the automatic mode by moving the lever to the Tiptronic mode. Pushing the gear forward will change the gear up, while pulling it back will change it down.

The benefits of this feature are that drivers can engage the sportiness and fuel efficiency achieved with a manual transmission and then enjoy the ease of an automatic when they feel so inclined. To maintain optimal safety, the system will default back to automatic once the speed limit is reached.

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