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Premium vs Unleaded Fuel

What’s the Difference Between Premium and Unleaded Gasoline?

Though fuel costs are lower than they have been in the past years, drivers continually strive for ways to save money on fuel costs. With advancing technology we have seen vehicles improve fuel efficiency, an increase in hybrid models and new options available for the eco-friendly driver. Here we look at the difference between premium and unleaded gasoline and decipher if your vehicle actually needs premium fuel or not.  

Premium gas is more expensive because it contains a higher percentage of octane. When vaporized gas mixes with air and fills the combustion chamber, it is compressed by the rising pistons. The gas-air mixture grows hot and it could ignite before the spark plug fires, pushing backward on the piston. Higher-octane fuels can be compressed to a greater degree without self-igniting. That’s why premium gas is used on high-performance engines.

Does My Vehicle Need Premium Gas?

Understanding whether your vehicle needs premium gasoline or not will depend on if the premium fuel is recommended or required. If it is merely recommended then you can use premium or unleaded gasoline. The vehicle will run on unleaded without issue and won’t damage the engine though the performance will suffer slightly but not enough to really notice. If your vehicle is required to use premium fuel then you cannot use unleaded fuel and can only use premium. To know whether your vehicle needs premium fuel or not check the owner’s manual or the inside of the fuel door.

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