A mechanic in a blue uniform bends over an open hood while holding a clipboard.

Where can I get a vehicle emissions test near Milwaukee, WI?

Test Your Emissions and Register Your Vehicle near Milwaukee, WI

To be legally registered and driven, a vehicle has to be tested and confirmed that it’s under a certain harmful emissions limit. This regulation is put in place to protect both the environment and our human lungs (they’re quite it important, it turns out). As vehicles age, they can begin emitting larger amounts of toxins, which is why it’s important to keep your vehicle in good condition and make sure the emissions are not getting out of hand.

Whether you’re renewing your registration or registering a vehicle for the first time, your ride must be tested to confirm that it’s below that harmful emissions limit. Where is a good place to get emissions testing done near Milwaukee, WI?

Schedule a Free Emissions Test at Hall Cars!

Three happy mechanics give a "thumbs up" symbol in a large service garage with a raised vehicle behind them.Hall Cars offers a convenient, easy, and fast way to get your vehicle emissions tested in southeast WI. The test is free of charge, and drivers are told if their vehicle passed or failed right there on the spot. The process takes only about four to seven minutes. An appointment is not necessary- simply drive in during our service hours. After the test, you can get your registration renewed right at the Hall Cars cashier station.

When can I get an emissions test at Hall Automotive?

We are open for emissions testing Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am until 5:30 pm.

When is a vehicle eligible to be tested for emissions?

A vehicle can be tested up to 180 days before the expiration of the current registration.

What happens if my vehicle fails the emissions test?

If the emissions test is failed, you’ll have to get your vehicle repaired and brought back in for a re-inspection. The re-inspection must be passed before your registration can be renewed.

We are happy to assist you with your vehicle repairs, but of course you are also welcome to take it elsewhere.

Does Hall Automotive offer other services too?

Yes! The free emissions check can be done easily when your vehicle is already in for an oil change or another service.