2019 Mazda6 Sport vs 2019 Ford Fusion S

2019 Mazda6 vs 2019 Ford Fusion

Over the past few years, Mazda has become more and more popular in the States. It’s almost reached the monolithic status of Toyota and Honda. When you look at their current lineup, their newfound prestige proves itself to be well earned. Mazda owners have been praising the company for years, and the rest of the world is starting to understand why. Still, wary buyers might be cautious due to the hype and seemingly unending good faith towards Mazda.

One of the most popular models in the Mazda line, the Mazda6 is a first pick for many seeking a new sedan. It’s stylish and sporty, but functional. It’s uncompromising, but without the premium price tag that often accompanies such claims.

Today, we’ll see how well it performs against a similarly trusted American classic. We compare the base 2019 Mazda6 Sport and the base 2019 Ford Fusion S side-by-side to help you decide if you should take the plunge with a Mazda or stick with the domestic Ford.

2019 Mazda6 Sport


2019 Ford Fusion S

$23,800 MSRP $22,840
2.5L inline 4-cyl Engine 2.5L inline 4-cyl
187 hp / 186 ft-lbs Horsepower / Torque 173 hp / 174 ft-lbs
FWD Drivetrain FWD
6-speed shiftable automatic Transmission 6-speed automatic
26 / 35 / 29 mpg Fuel Economy 21 / 32 / 25 mpg

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Even though they have the same engine and displacement, the 2019 Mazda6 comes out on top, with 14 more horsepower and 12 more pound-foot of torque. It also gets an average of 4 more combined mpg than the Fusion, with most of that difference coming from city fuel economy. Any manual transmission or driving enthusiasts with appreciate the shiftable automatic of the Mazda6, allowing for more involved driving experience than the automatic in the Fusion.

The Mazda6 also has two major features not found in the Fusion: • SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS w/ G-Vectoring Control Plus • Mazda Connect™ Infotainment System w/ 8” full-color touch-screen display

We suspect that better gas mileage alone could sell potential buyers on the Mazda6, especially for those whose daily commute is entirely city driving. A close second is the inarguably superior Mazda Connect™; the Ford Sync® system with its 4.2” LCD display feels dated and clunky next to the polished and intuitive Mazda offering.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2019 Mazda6 lineup or want to schedule a test drive to experience the car for yourself, feel free to contact us here at Hall Cars in Brookfield, Wisconsin.