2020 Volkswagen Golf | Milwaukee

Two 2020 Golf models parked next to each other

The Golf has been popular for decades. Thankfully, instead of just riding on the coattails of success, Volkswagen continues to improve one of the most-produced vehicles in the world year after year. So what’s new?

Time to see what the 2020 Volkswagen Golf is all about.

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Performance Specs

The 2020 Golf has a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 147 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. Available transmissions include the standard six-speed manual and the optional eight-speed Tiptronic with a Sport mode that automatically maximizes power and engine response. These features work in tandem to provide drivers with an EPA-estimated 28-city/36-hwy mpg.

Multiple Safety Features

There are many safety features available on the 2020 Golf. Each adds highly sought-after features. Two of the biggest features are the automatic post-collision braking system and the intelligent crash response system. The post-collision braking system automatically applies the brakes after an accident in order to minimize chances of another collision. The intelligent crash response system shuts off the fuel pump, unlocks the doors, and turns on the hazard lights if airbags are deployed. Other popular features, like blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and front assist are also available.

Integrated Tech

The 2020 Golf has standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot, and a five-year complimentary Car-Net® 2.0 subscription. What is Car-Net® 2.0? It’s the newly revamped and relaunched Volkswagen remote service suite. With it, you can do all the usual stuff, like start your Golf, lock and unlock its door, and check vehicle diagnostics, all from your smartphone. However, you can also do things like monitor your driving habits (and send in a report to eligible insurance companies for a possible discount), set up notifications to alert you if your Golf leaves a certain area or goes over a certain speed, and more.

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