2020 Volkswagen Jetta GLI | Milwaukee

2020 Jetta GLI parked in desert

On the surface, there may not seem to be a whole lot of difference between the 2020 Jetta and the 2020 Jetta GLI. However, once you take a peek under the hood, you’ll start to see what sets the GLI apart from its Jetta sibling. With a powerful engine, myriad performance-dedicated features, and intelligent safety features, the 2020 Jetta GLI has the potential to be one of the best cars of 2020.

Today, we’ll examine the features of the 2020 Jetta GLI in-depth and see what makes the performance sedan worth your time.

New Performance Sedan near Milwaukee

Under the Hood

The 2020 Jetta GLI model is the performance variant of the Jetta family. It features a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that pumps out 228 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. It also has available DCC adaptive dampers for on-the-fly suspension adjustment and ride control. A VAQ limited-slip front differential helps eliminate understeer and maintain optimum torque balance between your front wheels. The progressive variable-ratio steering system varies vehicle steering response based on the current speed. There’s also the optional seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission that brings some of the most advanced racing technology into your vehicle. Even more features, like performance brakes and selectable driving modes, make the 2020 Jetta GLI one of the most compelling sedans on the market.

Lots of Tech

The 2020 Jetta GLI doesn’t only have performance features; it has a bunch of safety ones too. For instance, it has an intelligent crash response system and automatic post-collision braking which mitigate injury and damage to you and your Jetta GLI, respectively. The intelligent crash response system shuts off the fuel pump, unlocks the doors, and turns on the hazard lights when the airbags deploy. The post-collision braking system applies brake pressure after an accident has occurred. Other assistive features include blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, a rear-view camera system, and front assist.

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