Why is the SRS light on in my Mazda CX-5?

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SRS airbag symbol embossing on dash

Why Your Mazda Vehicle’s Air Bag Warning Light is On

When warning lights come on, it’s stressful. When they stay on, it’s even more stressful. No vehicle is immune from mechanical failures, especially when they’re driven a lot. But even new vehicles sometimes have things go wrong. That being said…

Why is the SRS light on in my Mazda CX-5?

What is the i-ACTIVSENSE Safety Suite?

airbag deployed on driver's side

Why the Air Bag Light is On

First of all, the SRS light is the warning indicator associated with interior safety systems. It means Safety Restraint System, and it connects to multiple systems, like the airbags and seatbelts. There are many reasons your SRS light could be on. Here are a few:

  • Passenger seat occupation sensor malfunction
  • Airbag sensor malfunction
  • Airbag system malfunction
  • Seatbelt sensor malfunction
  • Battery replacement
  • New stereo installation
  • Blown/bad fuses

Any changes made to your Mazda vehicle that involve electrical systems have a good chance of setting off your SRS light. In those cases, it can easily be reset without compromising any safety systems.

How to Reset Your Mazda Vehicle’s SRS Light

There are multiple ways to reset the SRS light, each more involved than the last. Here they are, in order from simple to mildly inconvenient:

  • Turn the ignition key from “Off” to “ACC” position 10 times
  • Check/replace associated fuse (fuse list in Owner’s Manual)
  • Disconnect negative battery cable for 10 minutes, then reconnect

If, after being reset, the light continues to come back on, then having a certified mechanic inspect your vehicle is the next step. Some sources may tell you to disconnect your SRS air bag diagnostic connectors. We do not recommend this, as it will turn the light off permanently, regardless of whether there is a legitimate issue with your SRS systems.

Mazda Airbag Recall

Some years of the Mazda CX-5 and Mazda3 have had airbag recalls, meaning that you can get that pesky light fixed for free and, if necessary, have your airbags (any connected systems) replaced with properly functioning ones. Check to see if there has been a recall on your Mazda vehicle.

SRS Light Still On?

Use our scheduling tool to set up a time for a qualified Mazda technician to quickly and affordably fix your vehicle.

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