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2022 VW Golf R front view

What should you know about the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R?

Explore the features of the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R!

If you are looking for a great performing hatchback with the latest tech and all the necessary amenities, you must consider the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R. You’ll get a stylish vehicle with a comfortable interior that is spacious and relaxing. You’ll get a large cargo area for your daily essentials or luggage. If you want to know more about the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R, keep reading this blog by the Hall Cars dealership in Brookfield, WI.

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Rear passenger side exterior view of a yellow 2019 VW Golf R on the left "vs" rear driver side exterior view of a white 2019 VW Golf GTI on the right

Side-By-Side Comparison of the 2019 VW Golf R & 2019 VW Golf GTI

Compare the Differences Between the 2019 Volkswagen Golf R & the 2019 Golf GTI

Volkswagen has an impressive and varied Golf lineup to choose from and knowing the differences and similarities between them will help you find the perfect Volkswagen Golf for you  Below you will find a side-by-side comparison between the 2019 VW Golf R and the VW Golf GTI.  You can see what’s different between their standard drivetrains, technology equipment, and interior features so you can easily decide whether the 2019 VW Golf R or the 2019 VW Golf GTI is the right vehicle for you. Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 VW Golf R parked sideways on a road

Volkswagen Golf R vs BMW, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-Benz

When you look at the four automakers in the title, you might think that one of them doesn’t belong. That’s a fair assessment, but don’t count Volkswagen out of anything. The Golf R is e remarkable performance machine, but most would say it doesn’t belong with luxury automakers like the ones mentioned. As you’ll see in the video of the Volkswagen Golf R racing against a BMW, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-Benz, there’s a lot to love in Volkswagen’s performance hatchback.  Read the rest of this entry >>