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oil being poured through a funnel

The importance of changing your vehicle’s oil

Why should you get regular oil changes? 

The oil in your engine performs a number of vital tasks. It keeps surfaces separate under all loads, temperatures, and speeds, minimizes friction and wear, acts as a cooling fluid, removes and holds impurities, and prevents wear and corrosion. 

As oil ages, it deteriorates and loses its efficiency, made worse by shorter journeys which contribute to moisture buildup and don’t allow the oil to warm up properly.  

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Volkswagen's Head-up Display

Difference Between a Coupe and a Sedan: Find Them Here

Coupe VS Sedan: What Are the Differences?

Most car shoppers have their preferences when initiating their car hunting. If you have a specific car feature in your mind, then this article is the answer to the ‘Sedan VS Coupe’ question. Today we will reveal the top trending automotive argument. Hall Imports in Brookfield, WI, has this blog for you to check out the difference Between a Coupe and a Sedan!

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A man working on a tire

Tips to Clean your Wheels

Video: How to Clean your Wheels?  

Does your tire need cleaning? The Hall Imports team in Brookfield, WI, is here to help you. Learn how to clean your wheels by following these five steps shown in the video below. This video shows you how the brakes dust off and how to remove stains and tar, which can be challenging to clean. Additionally, this video will teach you how to protect the wheel surface and add tire shine to the tire’s sidewall to protect it from UV rays and ozone. Scroll down and watch the video. 

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VW golf GTI with driving modes

Explore the Multiple Driving Modes in Your Volkswagen Vehicle

VW Driving Modes Tutorial Video

Get ready to dominate every road and go limitless on your adventures with your Volkswagen’s built-in driving features! Enjoy a smooth and effortless driving experience with the multiple driving modes available in your VW vehicle. Learn how to use this Driving Mode Selection button in the dashboard to set the different modes – Eco, Sport, or Custom. Keep reading this blog featuring the VW Driving Modes Tutorial Video and learn how these different driving modes work.

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3 Tricks to Choose the Must-have Features while Buying a Vehicle for Your Teen

Must-have Features to Look for While Buying a Vehicle for Your Teen

Car selection is itself a tough job. But in today’s fast world you may have to buy a vehicle for your teen if they seriously need it. If there’s a specific model in your mind already you can check here to find out all the suitable options for your car model. Keep reading the blog post by Hall Cars in Brookfield, WI. 

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Teen Drivers in a Vehicle

Top 5 Safe Driving Tips for Young Adults and Teens

5 Driving Tips for Young Drivers

Driving is a balance of art and science. Mere skills will not help in the long term. It is important to have some tips at hand to ensure safe driving. We are always concerned about the welfare of our dear customers and want them to develop good and safe driving habits. This blog describes five important driving tips for young drivers.

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2022 Mazda CX-5 Compact Crossover SUV Exterior

Video Tour Explaining the Mazda Connected Services

Watch the Introduction Video on the Mazda Connected Services  

Watch the step-by-step video guide to learn how to use the Mazda Connected Services. The video introduces and explains the linking the owner and the vehicle via their smartphone, all controlled through MyMazda App. Moreover, the Mazda Connected Services provides stunning functions like remote engine start/stop for internal combustion engines and remote charging start/stop for electric vehicles. Furthermore, your Mazda can turn into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot as well. Intrigued? Excited? Both? Then go ahead and click on the link provided in this blog post by Hall Cars dealership in Brookfield, WI.  

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Is It Possible to Sell My Old Car to a Dealership?

What Are the Steps to Getting an Old Car Sold?

If you want to sell your old car but do not know much about the process, it might be stressful. Bringing your automobile to your nearest dealership, receiving an offer, selling your car, and getting paid on the spot is all it takes. We will buy any car, whether it is a sedan, a truck, a van, or an SUV. Keep reading the blog post by Hall Cars, Brookfield, WI, to learn more about steps to getting an old car sold.

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2020 Tiguan driving down city street

How to change VW key battery?

Step-by-Step Guide for Changing Out the Battery in a Volkswagen Key FOB

Maybe your FOB doesn’t have the range it used to. Or perhaps you have to press the button multiple times to get the doors to unlock. This may be due to a dying battery. If so, a battery change is in order. The process is pretty straightforward.

Here’s how to change VW key battery.

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Red 2015 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen parked outside under trees

Is it safe to buy a used Volkswagen with an emissions fixed TDI engine?

Safety of the Volkswagen TDI post-Emissions Modification

You may remember ‘Dieselgate,’ the recall issued for turbocharged diesel engines on select German automobiles like Audi and Volkswagen. It was a scandal that caused Volkswagen to issue a buyback policy for various 2009-2015 models. Many of those models have now found their way back to used sales lots. For environmentally conscious drivers and diesel engine enthusiasts alike, the question remains…

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