Do I have to get an emissions test on my car in Wisconsin?

Having proper emissions is important for the preservation of the environment and the human species. Some states require vehicles registered by their citizens to pass certain emissions tests and adhere to specific standards. Do Wisconsin residents have to get an emissions/smog test performed?

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Vehicle Emissions Testing and Requirements in WI

Yes, the State of Wisconsin requires that most gas and diesel vehicles pass a vehicle emissions test to obtain registration, and then every two years after that to renew their registration.

A kindly mechanic fills out a clipboard as he stands in front of a white car in a shop with the hood open.Which vehicles have to take an emissions test?

You are required to take an emissions test for your registration if you’re living in one of the participating communities and have a vehicle that is either:

  • Made between the 1996 and 2006 model years, and weighs less than 8,500 pounds (does not apply to diesel vehicles)
  • Made in 2007 and newer model years, and weighs less than 14,000 pounds

Where can I get my emissions test performed near Milwaukee?

It is now allowed to get your emissions test performed at private facilities. One such facility qualified to do emissions tests is our service center right here at Hall Cars! And the good news is that the emissions test is completely free.

We can perform the emissions test in just four to seven minutes, and we can tell you right on the spot whether your vehicle has passed or failed. No appointment is necessary! Just bring your vehicle in to us here at Hall Cars and we’ll be happy to test it.

An emissions test for your registration renewal can be performed up to 180 days before your registration expires. If you pass, our cashier can renew your registration on the spot. In fact, even if you don’t need an emissions test, you can come to us to get your registration renewed quickly and easily.

What happens if my car fails an emissions inspection?

If your vehicle fails the emissions test, you’ll have to get it repaired and bring it back to be re-inspected before your registration can be renewed. We’ll be happy to help you with the repairs, but you’re completely free to take it anywhere else too.

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