2021 Volkswagen ID.4 front quarter view

A Video Explaining the Cockpit and Touchscreen Functionalities of the Volkswagen ID.4!  

How does the Touchscreen Work in my Volkswagen ID.4?  

Nowadays, there has been so much technology infusion in vehicles that it may seem daunting at times to operate them properly. Volkswagen is one of those automakers that has a high degree of technology integration in its models. For example, the cockpit and the touchscreen in the Volkswagen ID.4 are quite sophisticated. However, if you are looking for a bit of assistance to understand its functionalities, check out this video that we at Hall Imports in Brookfield, WI, have for you. While you are visiting our website, we would also urge you to glance through our services page as well, as you never know when you might need maintenance or repair work on your car! 

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ID. Cockpit and Touchscreen | Knowing Your VW 

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