A spread of seafood laid out upon a table.

What are the best seafood restaurants in Milwaukee, WI?

Best Places to Eat Seafood in Milwaukee, WI

We’ve all been in that situation where we’d do seemingly anything for the taste of great seafood. Perhaps you’re in that situation right now, and that’s what’s brought you to this page. If so, never fear- we’re here to help you out! Read on for our selections of the best seafood restaurants in Milwaukee, WI.

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St. Paul Fish Company

Where? 400 N Water Street, Milwaukee

What continuously blows us away about St. Paul Fish Company is how fresh the seafood and fish are. The made-to-order cuisine is delicious, drinks are strong, and prices are solid. What more do you need? Whether it’s calamari, lobster, or oysters you’re after, St. Paul Fish Company is ready to fulfill your oceanic craving.

Do note that the vibes of this place are decidedly casual, crowded, and lively. It’s not a stand-alone restaurant; instead, St. Paul Fish Company is located at one of the main entrances to the Public Market. For us, this merely increases the rambunctious charm!

An array of sliced open oysters on crushed ice beside a blade.Harbor House

Where? 550 N Harbor Drive, Milwaukee

Harbor House is the place to go if you’re in the mood for oysters. More than 10,000 little shelled juicers are sold by Harbor House each month. The establishment offers a different variety each day depending on freshness and availability.

Even if oysters aren’t your thing, Harbor House offers other fresh fish and seafood options. There’s even other kinds of eats if one member of your group isn’t the biggest seafood fan (there’s always one). Do note, however, that Harbor House falls on the more expensive end of things. Meaning, most entrees are going to be in the high $30 to $59 range.

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Third Coast Provisions

Where? 724 N Milwaukee Street, Milwaukee

Step into Third Coast Provisions, and you’re immediately confronted with an upscale feel via its small but elegant interior adorned with marble and gold touches. The main attraction of course, is the food, and this does not disappoint either. Mussels, blue crab, lobster potholes, clam chowder, Milwaukee-style chargrilled oysters, and more are available for your eating pleasure. Is your mouth watering yet?

We also recommend the Ahi Tuna Crudo and shrimp that comes in various available configurations. Fun cocktails and a wide selection of wine round out the experience.


Where? 6732 W Fairview Ave, Milwaukee

Maxie’s is a little more off the beaten path, but in our opinion, its worth it. This seafood place is given a unique twist due to the southern inspiration of its offerings. Maxie’s creations are rooted in the “Low Country” cooking off the Carolinas, in addition to the Creole and Cajun cooking of Louisiana, the traditional slow-smoked southern barbeque, and all varieties of southern comfort cooking. All of these influences come together to forge a delightfully colorful gastronomic journey.

A prime example of such culinary alchemy is the catfish with grits and spinach dish. We also have to vouch for the crab cake and jambalaya.

And after your seafood, why not head out to a great Irish pub?