oil being poured through a funnel

The importance of changing your vehicle’s oil

Why should you get regular oil changes? 

The oil in your engine performs a number of vital tasks. It keeps surfaces separate under all loads, temperatures, and speeds, minimizes friction and wear, acts as a cooling fluid, removes and holds impurities, and prevents wear and corrosion. 

As oil ages, it deteriorates and loses its efficiency, made worse by shorter journeys which contribute to moisture buildup and don’t allow the oil to warm up properly.  

a man pouring oil into an engine

How often should you change your vehicle’s oil? 

Modern synthetic oils have increased the intervals between oil changes, but regular changes are still essential. Mazda recommends one every 5,000 miles, whereas Volkswagen is confident in going with every 12 months or 10,000 miles.  

Changing your oil more frequently than required will never hurt your engine, of course, and considering the price of a replacement engine, keeping up to date on those oil changes can only be regarded as cheap insurance. 

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Oil change serves in Brookfield, WI 

As your local Volkswagen and Mazda dealer, we will only use manufacturer-specified oil and filters in your vehicle and will never cut corners by using cheaper oils (they are cheaper for a reason) or aftermarket oil filters. 

You can trust us with your vehicle.