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Should You Test Drive a Vehicle?

10 Tips for Test Driving a Vehicle

Test driving a vehicle is one of the most important steps in purchasing a vehicle. Whether you are purchasing a used vehicle or a brand new one from a dealership, test drives are extremely beneficial. While researching online helps narrow down your search, test driving a vehicle allows you to feel the driving performance of the vehicle as well as how comfortable the interior is, how user-friendly the dashboard is and whatever other aspect is important to you. The best way to prepare for a test drive is to know what you are looking for. See these 10 tips for test driving a vehicle and feel confident in your decision to purchase a vehicle.

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Here are some tips to consider before even driving the vehicle. Not only is the health of the vehicle important but you will also want to consider how you feel inside the vehicle as well.

  • Is the vehicle easy to get in and out of? Do you hit your head or feel cramped? 
  • Is there enough head-, hip- and legroom? Sit in the backseat as well to see how it feels there too. 
  • Is the driving position comfortable? Do you prefer to sit higher or lower? 
  • Are the gauges and controls easy to read and use? 
  • How is the visibility? Look for potential blind spots.  

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Once you are driving, here are some tips to consider and to be aware of.

  • Acceleration and passing acceleration. 
  • Engine and road noise. 
  • How does the braking feel? 
  • How does the steering and overall handling feel? 
  • How is the seat comfort while driving?  

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You can learn a lot about a vehicle during a test drive. Consider making a list of what you want in a vehicle and decide what features are important to have. Not only are test drives a great way to choose your perfect vehicle but it is actually quite a bit of fun to try out different vehicles when searching for a new one. Check out our blog for other helpful tips and tricks and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.