Close-up on the top of two "Certificate of Title" forms.

How much does a vehicle title cost in Wisconsin?

Increased Title Fees in Wisconsin

When a new vehicle comes into your possession, however that may have occurred, you’re going to have to title it. Unfortunately, like many things in life, registering for a title is not free. How much does a vehicle title cost in Wisconsin?

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As of this writing, the cost for a vehicle title in Wisconsin is $69.50 for the original title or title transfer. A title transfer to a surviving spouse or domestic partner costs $62, which is the same cost as a title for a low-speed vehicle. A title replacement costs $20.

However, title fees will be increasing soon, along with annual registration fees. As of October 1st, 2019, title fees will increase by $95. Annual registration fees will increase just $10, from $75 to $85.

A fanned out spread of $100 bills lies underneath a car key.How much will the new fees be?

The fee for vehicle titles will increase from $69.50 to $164.50. The fee for transferring a title will increase from $62 to $157. The fee for low speed vehicles will also increase to $157.

Annual registration fees will cost $85.

For detailed information on title and registration fees, check out this page from the Wisconsin DMV.

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When will the vehicle title fee increase in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin title and registration fees will increase on October 1st, 2019.

Why did vehicle title and registration fees increase in Wisconsin?

The increased fees are part of the 2019-2020 budget for Wisconsin.

When do I need to pay these fees?

A vehicle needs to be titled when you purchase or otherwise acquire it. Registration needs to be performed yearly.