Orange 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan waiting at a crosswalk in the rain

Is the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan good off-road?

4Motion AWD and Traction Control on the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan

Getting stuck sucks. It always happens when you least expect it or have somewhere to be. Whether you’re driving through muddy terrain to get to your destination or you’re in the ditch because you had to swerve to avoid an accident, you still want to be able to get to where you need to be.

So, is the 2019 VW Tiguan good off-road?

Make Sure You Have the Right Tires for the Terrain and Weather


Rear exterior view of 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan driving through city at night4Motion® All-Wheel Drive

While, the 2019 Tiguan can be purchased with FWD, it’s the exception, not the rule. Most 2019 Tiguan models come with 4Motion AWD, and for good reason. Having power distributed to the rear wheels when the front ones start slipping (or vice versa) will help with straight-line traction and acceleration in inclement conditions. However, traditional AWD does little to help when cornering or slowing, as power is distributed to axles, not wheels. This wasn’t good enough for Volkswagen. First, 4Motion is always active; unlike many other AWD systems, power is always being sent out regardless of wheel-slippage. Second, power is dynamically and independently distributed to each wheel. When turning, for instance, the Tiguan automatically sends more power to the outer wheels. Not only does this mean you have more traction when you need it, it almost completely eliminates the loss of traction before it can occur.

4-way Toggle-able Traction Control

The “4” in 4Motion doesn’t only refer to four wheels, but also the options for the traction control. The presets are Snow, On-Road, Off-Road, and Off-Road Custom. The Snow setting tells the engine to upshift more quickly, keeping RPM lower, and preventing power from being over-distributed to the wheels. On-Road maximizes performance and comfort. Off-Road makes the car hyper-aware of each wheel, dishing out power where it’s most needed. It can also engage Hill Descent Control to help you keep control when traveling downhill. The Custom setting allows for manual tweaking of off-road features when the normal option isn’t enough.

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